4K Video & Beyond

Canon’s newest full-frame cameras share similar video features. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II captures HD at up to 120p and 4K to 60p, while the EOS 5D Mark IV (pictured) captures 60p Full HD and 30p 4K. However, neither support 4K output via HDMI to an external recorder, as do some competing models, and the company's own cinema camera line.When professional photographers began to embrace digital photography, it was, for many, a tentative relationship at best. Digital was seen as being more efficient than film, but the amount of time needed to learn new post-processing workflows seemed onerous, and the amount of gear required to switch over was considerable. A similar opportunity is opening up for photographers looking to expand beyond photography and to capture video from the same devices as they use for their stills. There are more choices, with higher-quality video and a greater range of outlets for the video captured by someone with a photographer’s uniquely creative eye. With ..