One Man, One River, One Camera

“This is at the confluence of the Little Colorado and the main stem of the Colorado,” McBride says. “The Little Colorado is the turquoise blue one. That point where they meet is believed to be a sacred spiritual place by the Hopi and Navajo tribes, other tribes as well, and there’s a proposal to build a gondola right to that point from the rim. You’re looking straight up the gondola line. The idea of this walk was to leave a line of footprints through the park. The hope would be that we could leave this place alone and my grandchildren could do this same walk if they felt that crazy to hike that much. But if this gondola happens, it would change the landscape so drastically that you’d never be able to do a walk like we did. This is one spot where I dropped the camera, incidentally, hiking way up into the cliffs to get this image.”When Pete McBride first learned the startling fact that the Colorado River dries up long before it reaches the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico, he wa..